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“What if our hearts could be connected like constellations?”


bc my fb friends suck

and none of them are bothering to giving me advice

or help or words of encouragement

can you guys help me???? ;  ^  ;

how and when do you confess to someone without it being awkward??

1 year ago on Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 7:50pm

Tagged; or like tell me a story of how you confessed. to the person you liked. any advice. of what and what not to do. or you can wish me luck that's find too~. afasnklfsanlfnawe. ahh must finish my hw noww gahh.
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  1. neutralis said: haai bb ~ my only advice would prolly be dont do it online LOL its best to do it in person so theres no misconceptions and it wont end horribly like mine did, i hope it goes well for you hehe (:
  2. attrachen said: i would really help u but ive never done it sob
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